Amaka Chukwuma 3

about me

I’m a Lagos-based copy and content writer with more than three years of experience writing for international brands and news sites. I have an adorable daughter who has always been the reason I went freelance and has been a constant source of inspiration. I’m not so much of a born writer, but I’ve learned everything through self-development, discipline, and practice. My strong research and creative skills have brought me this far. Four words describe me: self-starter, intense, stick-to-itiveness, and self-motivation.

I bring all of these together when I work on every project because the only option is to deliver value every single time. I have written for brands like Financebuzz, Ohcleo, WeLoveNoCode, Vikings and Mergers Acquisitions, Wealth of Geeks, and the Buttonwood Tree. When I’m not writing, I’m trying to read a book, binging on social media, or bonding with family. I have a BA. in Linguistics and love pies and food. I dislike roaches and dislike even more my inability to overcome my irrational phobia of them. Apart from that, I’m generally a fearless soul.😉