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SEO Copywriter & Content Writer

Freelance writer and reporter for brands and publications in personal finance, business finance, and Fintech.

From "eye-rolling, there they go again" copy (that sucks) to “I can't get over it” copy (that rocks).

Regugitated ideas, parrot copy

New ideas, authentic copy.

Hello, and nice to see you here!

If you’re looking for credible, fluff-free copy, you’re in the right place. Your brand or publication deserves copy that sets it apart. 

I can help you get your brand message across clearly to your readers and move you from the league of “wannabe” brands to an authority brand.

How i do it

  • Get to know your audience in other ways (besides the old persona-way) by visiting relevant online groups to hear their first hand stories.
  • Find content gaps by analyzing SERP results
  • Embark on content ideation to bring a unique angle
  • Interview the experts
  • Give unique examples where possible
  • Illustrate with screenshots
  • Use credible data to amplify salient points

What I'm interested in

Brand marketing content, pitching stories, SEO copywriting, reporting, news articles, blog posts, and AP-style pieces; connecting with and interviewing experts and sources; ghostwriting, B2B and B2C

6 reasons to work with me

  1. I meet deadlines and keep you in the loop at all times
  2. I bring with me good editing skills
  3. I’ll provide advice and expertise required to deliver the best content. It goes beyond writing for me. I want to contribute to your success
  4. I work to understand your brand story
  5. I understand SEO. I provide human-first copy that are BOT-friendly
  6. I have global experience and deliver to international standards. I have traveled the world just by writing for several international clients.

What clients Have To say

I had an excellent experience working with Amaka. Her research was thorough, and her writing was professional. Perhaps best of all, she was extremely responsive and delivered ahead of schedule. She was a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend her! I hope to work with her again in the future.
Amanda Uher
Amanda Uher
Writer and editor, Vikings and Mergers Acquisitions
I have found Amaka to be a thoughtful, precise and exacting writer. I am confident handing her any assignment that requires an excellent wordsmith who can convey the information needed clearly and concisely. I highly recommend her work to anyone who asks.
Paul Rose
Paul Rose
Editor In-Chief, WealthofGeeks
Amaka’s stories, which I edited, were good. She gathered data points and wrote about the reasons for ranking the states as she did. Finding and evaluating data is hard! But she did it well.
Ellen Cannon
Editor, finance buzz
Amaka understands tone and style very well and has a knack for coming up with interesting, creative topics for blog posts. I highly recommend working with her.
Jessica Brophy
Former Managing Editor, OhCleo